It’s Easy Being Green

30 Jun

Being a professional educator offers unlimited opportunity to  learn and  grow while inspiring others to do the same. The key to doing this well comes from staying true to one’s colors. In today’s world,  it’s easier said than done. We live in a culture of influence. Forces abound, and there’s always a bandwagon, fad, or gimmick to follow. Living in integrity and working purposefully, requires true knowledge of one’s self, values, and core beliefs.  It’s a matter of knowing  who you are, your home base, and your bottom line. So, how exactly do we figure this out?

When I  seek answers to questions like these,  I look for role models. I seek out those who  exemplify the spirit, and integrity of which I hope to follow.  I turn to the sources which will offer a lesson to challenge, improve, or even inspire  my current practice.  I find inspiration in text.  One such text that’s inspiring and fun  to read is the following:

  • Before You Leap: A Frog’s-Eye View of Life’s Greatest Lessons, by Kermit the Frog

Now, before you begin to wonder why this title, written by a pig-loving Muppet, made it’s way to my professional educator’s blog, let me explain. Jim Henson was a genius, a role model, and an artist. Jim Henson Fraggle Rocked.  Now, I admit, I may be a bit biased since I was a kid of the 70’s, and I’m of  the Muppet generation. I grew up on everything Henson and  proudly toted a Muppet Show lunchbox and matching thermos.  But seriously, the message that this puppeteering master left us, via his amphibious alter-ego, was his unwavering commitment to his mission. Jim Henson never strayed. His true colors shone brightly, and always a swampy  green, of course! The truth is, the world could never accuse him of being anything but himself.  Mr. Henson marched to beat of his own drum, albeit oddly with many friends, down a Street named Sesame.

As I reflect on the life of Mr. Henson,  I find inspiration in his work, and his Muppets. You see, Jim Henson’s success wasn’t accidental. It was a byproduct of living his dream and living in integrity. He knew who he was.   So, what’s the take away? What’s the lesson for us as educators, parents, and students?  How do we stay true to ourselves and work in integrity?  I think the answer lies in a  wonderful quote by Kermit, in which he offers the advice: “Innovate, don’t imitate.” As we listen to the words of Kermit the Frog, we know the true, resonant voice of the master behind those words. So now that we know, let’s go for innovation. Let’s march to the beat of our own drums, down a street of our own choosing.

I wish you the best in excellence and instruction.


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