I am a K-12 educator and  school principal, contentedly practicing  20+ years in the profession. My hope is to use TheRockTumbler as a place to collaborate, share,  and reflect on exceptional educational practice. My passion lies in implementing literacy, language, and behavioral systems which support learners of diverse backgrounds.  I believe all children can learn, and  know our students succeed  when we  translate research into effective practice.  I live by the mantra “Whatever it Takes…No Excuses.” I lead  school-wide learning communities which continually change, grow, and adapt in response to student need.

In addition to consuming large quantities of coffee, reading is a significant part of my professional practice. Reading a variety of texts  fuels the fire in my belly, and inspires me to continually improve, and reflect upon my practice.  So throughout  this blog, I intend to share ideas gleaned from a myriad of  professional texts which have been significant to my learning and growth as an educator. It is my hope, that you too,  can roll a few ideas around in your own Rock Tumbler.

Together,  let’s drive the engine of possibility, for our children, their families,  and our future.

I wish you the best in excellence and instruction.


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